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Loving little sisters, cherished memories. Difficult times, death of their precious father 
Artist Bruce Nelson. 

Growing up to different paths; Bonnie to a Law career and Nancy first to Accounting, Engineering and then at 42 to Professional Psychic/Medium. Bonnie's residence is in the greater Seattle Washington area.  Nancy and her husband Larry live in Hornbrook, CA.  To request a session to go web site or give her a call at 916-773-1657

Father passed a wonderful Psychic Mediumship Gift to Nancy that was apparent throughout her life.  After cancer at 39, a divorce at 40, Nancy sought out a more soulful career and went full time into the Paranormal at 42. Her main site is: for more info go to "Nancy"

Through the turbulent years of marriage and divorce, moves and job changes Bonnie relied on her precious psychic skills to maneuver through her life challenges.

Marriages, divorces nor distance would not separate these sweet girls as grown women.
Mother Betty Nelson, sisters Nancy on left at 5 and little sister Bonnie 4 on right.
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1st show Nov. 6th, 2008, we had 17 Callers!
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We are getting back in the saddle again!!!!    Wednesdays at 8 PM. Bonnie to focus on Relations and the feelings to deal with.  I answers Dating and Everthing Else.  
Call-In # 619-924-9798
Fun - Witty - Intelligent and most of all a common-sense intuitive approach to life, liberty and your pursuit to happiness.  

These sisters will deal with today's headlines to your rocky relationship, troubled teenager, to whom greeted your loved-one at death. 
 Come to enjoy these worldly and wise Psychic  Sisters!
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 (916) 773-1657 
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Our Mom passed Betty Calkins Nelson 
11-4-24  to 6-1-09 
Medium Nancy Matz
Medium Nancy Matz
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Nancy has just published a new book called , 
"The Unwilling Sacrifice".  June 2013

Carter’s dreams are wild, sensual and exhausting. She awakens, freezing; opening her eyes – she is horrified - she is outside in the mud and naked!

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Trying to find your "on-purpose path" wanting to help others, but feel lost on how to do so.  Choosing Nancy's Psychic or Mediumship Development Certification  Course to help family and friends; or to create a new career as a Professional Psychic to your path of self-fulfillment and soul satisfaction.   
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I am sitting, quiet
Quiet that can be felt
A mild breeze from a slightly opened window
It touches my arm
Does anyone know how calm I am
Can anyone hear how calm I am
I am listening and waiting
A feeling of wanting is what I am
I’ve said ‘Mom’ and I am quiet
I am quiet and I am calm and waiting
The breeze is stronger and I am calm
My memory allows me to smell her
She had her life, and I had my life
But I miss her in my life
Oh I remember, I closed that window an hour ago

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