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I found this school picture of my sister Bonnie deeeeeeep in a box of very old pictures!  Seems it was squashed between other pictures.  When we were little, my mother said that when we went out people would ask if Bonnie was adopted!  She is so blond, blue eyes and curly hair.  In high school, she was one of the prettiest girls in the school!  Ah the days of memories! 

Until Bonnie has time to add to this page I'll add a couple of items for you to read about her.

Bonnie has been working at becoming a Full-Time Psychic Consultant. I believe (besides myself) that she is one of the more talented Psychic-Mediums working today!

If you'd like to contact her to make an appointment for a private consultation -
her e-mail is [email protected]
She is now working part time and will need to discuss when she will have time to talk to you. You may need to go back to Nancy for an appointment.
This picture of Bonnie and me was taken  in Sierra Madra, California.  Bonnie is about 3 yrs  and I am 4 yrs.  We are looking in the turtle pen, and I am very sad because it had dug a hole and escaped.  
Bonnie is getting ready to receive your calls.   Use the below PayPal buttons to pay for a session and send her off an e-mail to set up an appointment!
email me
One-Email Question $20.00
Two-Email Question $30.00
One15 Minute $30.00
Phone Session
One Half Hour $60.00 Phone Session
45 Minute Phone Session  $90.00
Bonnie has new recording options.   When Bonnie and I start the show she will be set to offer the same options I am offering with Skype Audio Recordings.
  You will receive recording via e-mail.  Very easy with great sound to listen to on MP3.     Nancy
New PayPal codes coming soon.  E-mail Bonnie to set up appointment. after 1-1-17